International Character Sets

A. dos Santos Fernandes & Others

Table of Contents

New Character Sets and Collations Implemented
Narrow Character Sets
ICU Character Sets
New Character Sets and Collations Implemented

The following new character set and/or collation implementations have been added in Firebird 2 releases:

Character Set	Collation	Description	Implemented By
ISO8859_1	ES_ES_CI_AI	Spanish language case- and accent-insensitive collation for ISO8859_1 character set.	A. dos Santos Fernandes
"	PT_BR	Brazil Portuguese collation for ISO8859_1 character set.	A. dos Santos Fernandes, P. H. Albanez
ISO8859_2	ISO_PLK	Polish collation for ISO8859_2 character set.	J. Glowacki, A. dos Santos Fernandes
KOI8R	KOI8_RU	Russian language character set and dictionary collation.	O. Loa, A. Karyakin
KOI8U	KOI8U_UA	Ukrainian language character set and dictionary collation.	O. Loa, A. Karyakin
WIN1250	BS_BA	Bosnian language collation for WIN1250 character set.	F. Hasovic
"	WIN_CZ_AI	Czech language accent-insensitive collation for WIN1250 character set	I. Prenosil, A. dos Santos Fernandes
"	WIN_CZ_CI_AI	Czech language case- and accent-insensitive collation for WIN1250 character set	I. Prenosil, A. dos Santos Fernandes
WIN1252	WIN_PTBR	Brazil Portuguese collation for WIN1252 character set.	A. dos Santos Fernandes, P. H. Albanez
WIN1257	WIN1257_LV	Latvian dictionary collation.	O. Loa, A. Karyakin
"	WIN1257_LT	Lithuanian dictionary collation.	O. Loa, A. Karyakin
"	WIN1257_EE	Estonian dictionary collation.	O. Loa, A. Karyakin
WIN1258	(n/a)	Vietnamese language subset of charset WIN1258.	Nguyen The Phuong, A. dos Santos Fernandes
UTF8	UCS_BASIC	Unicode 4.0 support with UTF8 character set and UCS_BASIC collation.	A. dos Santos Fernandes
"	UNICODE	Unicode 4.0 support with UTF8 character set and UNICODE collation.	A. dos Santos Fernandes
"	UNICODE_CI	Unicode 4.0 support with UTF8 character set and case-insensitive collation.	A. dos Santos Fernandes
ISO8859_1	FR_FR_CI_AI	(V.2.1) French language case-insensitive and accent-insensitive collation.	A. dos Santos Fernandes
CP943C	CP943C_UNICODE	(V.2.1) Japanese character set.	A. dos Santos Fernandes
TIS620	TIS620_UNICODE	(V.2.1) Thai character set, single byte.	(Not known)
Narrow Character Sets

DOS437, DOS737, DOS775, DOS850, DOS852, DOS857, DOS858, DOS860,
DOS861, DOS862, DOS863, DOS864, DOS865, DOS866, DOS869,
ISO8859_1, ISO8859_13, ISO8859_2, ISO8859_3, ISO8859_4,
ISO8859_5, ISO8859_6, ISO8859_7, ISO8859_8, ISO8859_9,
WIN1250, WIN1251, WIN1252, WIN1253, WIN1254, WIN1255, WIN1256,
WIN1257 and WIN1258.
ICU Character Sets

UTF-8 ibm-1208 ibm-1209 ibm-5304 ibm-5305 windows-65001 cp1208
UTF-16 ISO-10646-UCS-2 unicode csUnicode ucs-2
UTF-16BE x-utf-16be ibm-1200 ibm-1201 ibm-5297 ibm-13488
  ibm-17584 windows-1201 cp1200 cp1201 UTF16_BigEndian
UTF-16LE x-utf-16le ibm-1202 ibm-13490 ibm-17586
  UTF16_LittleEndian windows-1200
UTF-32 ISO-10646-UCS-4 csUCS4 ucs-4
UTF-32BE UTF32_BigEndian ibm-1232 ibm-1233
UTF-32LE UTF32_LittleEndian ibm-1234
UTF-7 windows-65000
ISO-8859-1 ibm-819 IBM819 cp819 latin1 8859_1 csISOLatin1
  iso-ir-100 ISO_8859-1:1987 l1 819
US-ASCII ASCII ANSI_X3.4-1968 ANSI_X3.4-1986 ISO_646.irv:1991
  iso_646.irv:1983 ISO646-US us csASCII iso-ir-6 cp367 ascii7
  646 windows-20127
ISO_2022,locale=ja,version=0 ISO-2022-JP csISO2022JP
ISO_2022,locale=ja,version=1 ISO-2022-JP-1 JIS JIS_Encoding
ISO_2022,locale=ja,version=2 ISO-2022-JP-2 csISO2022JP2
ISO_2022,locale=ja,version=3 JIS7 csJISEncoding
ISO_2022,locale=ja,version=4 JIS8
ISO_2022,locale=ko,version=0 ISO-2022-KR csISO2022KR
ISO_2022,locale=ko,version=1 ibm-25546
ISO_2022,locale=zh,version=0 ISO-2022-CN
ISO_2022,locale=zh,version=1 ISO-2022-CN-EXT
HZ HZ-GB-2312
ISCII,version=0 x-iscii-de windows-57002 iscii-dev
ISCII,version=1 x-iscii-be windows-57003 iscii-bng windows-57006
ISCII,version=2 x-iscii-pa windows-57011 iscii-gur
ISCII,version=3 x-iscii-gu windows-57010 iscii-guj
ISCII,version=4 x-iscii-or windows-57007 iscii-ori
ISCII,version=5 x-iscii-ta windows-57004 iscii-tml
ISCII,version=6 x-iscii-te windows-57005 iscii-tlg
ISCII,version=7 x-iscii-ka windows-57008 iscii-knd
ISCII,version=8 x-iscii-ma windows-57009 iscii-mlm
gb18030 ibm-1392 windows-54936
LMBCS-1 lmbcs
ibm-367_P100-1995 ibm-367 IBM367
ibm-912_P100-1995 ibm-912 iso-8859-2 ISO_8859-2:1987 latin2
  csISOLatin2 iso-ir-101 l2 8859_2 cp912 912 windows-28592
ibm-913_P100-2000 ibm-913 iso-8859-3 ISO_8859-3:1988 latin3
  csISOLatin3 iso-ir-109 l3 8859_3 cp913 913 windows-28593
ibm-914_P100-1995 ibm-914 iso-8859-4 latin4 csISOLatin4
  iso-ir-110 ISO_8859-4:1988 l4 8859_4 cp914 914 windows-28594
ibm-915_P100-1995 ibm-915 iso-8859-5 cyrillic csISOLatinCyrillic
  iso-ir-144 ISO_8859-5:1988 8859_5 cp915 915 windows-28595
ibm-1089_P100-1995 ibm-1089 iso-8859-6 arabic csISOLatinArabic
  iso-ir-127 ISO_8859-6:1987 ECMA-114 ASMO-708 8859_6 cp1089
  1089 windows-28596 ISO-8859-6-I ISO-8859-6-E
ibm-813_P100-1995 ibm-813 iso-8859-7 greek greek8 ELOT_928
  ECMA-118 csISOLatinGreek iso-ir-126 ISO_8859-7:1987 8859_7
  cp813 813 windows-28597
ibm-916_P100-1995 ibm-916 iso-8859-8 hebrew csISOLatinHebrew
  iso-ir-138 ISO_8859-8:1988 ISO-8859-8-I ISO-8859-8-E 8859_8
  cp916 916 windows-28598
ibm-920_P100-1995 ibm-920 iso-8859-9 latin5 csISOLatin5
  iso-ir-148 ISO_8859-9:1989 l5 8859_9 cp920 920 windows-28599
ibm-921_P100-1995 ibm-921 iso-8859-13 8859_13 cp921 921
ibm-923_P100-1998 ibm-923 iso-8859-15 Latin-9 l9 8859_15 latin0
  csisolatin0 csisolatin9 iso8859_15_fdis cp923 923 windows-28605
ibm-942_P12A-1999 ibm-942 ibm-932 cp932 shift_jis78 sjis78
  ibm-942_VSUB_VPUA ibm-932_VSUB_VPUA
ibm-943_P15A-2003 ibm-943 Shift_JIS MS_Kanji csShiftJIS
  windows-31j csWindows31J x-sjis x-ms-cp932 cp932 windows-932
  cp943c IBM-943C ms932 pck sjis ibm-943_VSUB_VPUA
ibm-943_P130-1999 ibm-943 Shift_JIS cp943 943 ibm-943_VASCII_VSUB_VPUA
ibm-33722_P12A-1999 ibm-33722 ibm-5050 EUC-JP
  csEUCPkdFmtJapanese X-EUC-JP eucjis windows-51932
  ibm-33722_VPUA IBM-eucJP
ibm-33722_P120-1999 ibm-33722 ibm-5050 cp33722 33722
ibm-954_P101-2000 ibm-954 EUC-JP
ibm-1373_P100-2002 ibm-1373 windows-950
windows-950-2000 Big5 csBig5 windows-950 x-big5
ibm-950_P110-1999 ibm-950 cp950 950
macos-2566-10.2 Big5-HKSCS big5hk HKSCS-BIG5
ibm-1375_P100-2003 ibm-1375 Big5-HKSCS
ibm-1386_P100-2002 ibm-1386 cp1386 windows-936 ibm-1386_VSUB_VPUA
windows-936-2000 GBK CP936 MS936 windows-936
ibm-1383_P110-1999 ibm-1383 GB2312 csGB2312 EUC-CN ibm-eucCN
  hp15CN cp1383 1383 ibm-1383_VPUA
ibm-5478_P100-1995 ibm-5478 GB_2312-80 chinese iso-ir-58
  csISO58GB231280 gb2312-1980 GB2312.1980-0
ibm-964_P110-1999 ibm-964 EUC-TW ibm-eucTW cns11643 cp964 964
ibm-949_P110-1999 ibm-949 cp949 949 ibm-949_VASCII_VSUB_VPUA
ibm-949_P11A-1999 ibm-949 cp949c ibm-949_VSUB_VPUA
ibm-970_P110-1995 ibm-970 EUC-KR KS_C_5601-1987 windows-51949
  csEUCKR ibm-eucKR KSC_5601 5601 ibm-970_VPUA
ibm-971_P100-1995 ibm-971 ibm-971_VPUA
ibm-1363_P11B-1998 ibm-1363 KS_C_5601-1987 KS_C_5601-1989 KSC_5601
  csKSC56011987 korean iso-ir-149 5601 cp1363 ksc windows-949
ibm-1363_P110-1997 ibm-1363 ibm-1363_VASCII_VSUB_VPUA
windows-949-2000 windows-949 KS_C_5601-1987 KS_C_5601-1989
  KSC_5601 csKSC56011987 korean iso-ir-149 ms949
ibm-1162_P100-1999 ibm-1162
ibm-874_P100-1995 ibm-874 ibm-9066 cp874 TIS-620 tis620.2533
  eucTH cp9066
windows-874-2000 TIS-620 windows-874 MS874
ibm-437_P100-1995 ibm-437 IBM437 cp437 437 csPC8CodePage437
ibm-850_P100-1995 ibm-850 IBM850 cp850 850 csPC850Multilingual
ibm-851_P100-1995 ibm-851 IBM851 cp851 851 csPC851
ibm-852_P100-1995 ibm-852 IBM852 cp852 852 csPCp852 windows-852
ibm-855_P100-1995 ibm-855 IBM855 cp855 855 csIBM855 csPCp855
ibm-856_P100-1995 ibm-856 cp856 856
ibm-857_P100-1995 ibm-857 IBM857 cp857 857 csIBM857 windows-857
ibm-858_P100-1997 ibm-858 IBM00858 CCSID00858 CP00858
  PC-Multilingual-850+euro cp858
ibm-860_P100-1995 ibm-860 IBM860 cp860 860 csIBM860
ibm-861_P100-1995 ibm-861 IBM861 cp861 861 cp-is csIBM861
ibm-862_P100-1995 ibm-862 IBM862 cp862 862 csPC862LatinHebrew
  DOS-862 windows-862
ibm-863_P100-1995 ibm-863 IBM863 cp863 863 csIBM863
ibm-864_X110-1999 ibm-864 IBM864 cp864 csIBM864
ibm-865_P100-1995 ibm-865 IBM865 cp865 865 csIBM865
ibm-866_P100-1995 ibm-866 IBM866 cp866 866 csIBM866 windows-866
ibm-867_P100-1998 ibm-867 cp867
ibm-868_P100-1995 ibm-868 IBM868 CP868 868 csIBM868 cp-ar
ibm-869_P100-1995 ibm-869 IBM869 cp869 869 cp-gr csIBM869
ibm-878_P100-1996 ibm-878 KOI8-R koi8 csKOI8R cp878
ibm-901_P100-1999 ibm-901
ibm-902_P100-1999 ibm-902
ibm-922_P100-1999 ibm-922 cp922 922
ibm-4909_P100-1999 ibm-4909
ibm-5346_P100-1998 ibm-5346 windows-1250 cp1250
ibm-5347_P100-1998 ibm-5347 windows-1251 cp1251
ibm-5348_P100-1997 ibm-5348 windows-1252 cp1252
ibm-5349_P100-1998 ibm-5349 windows-1253 cp1253
ibm-5350_P100-1998 ibm-5350 windows-1254 cp1254
ibm-9447_P100-2002 ibm-9447 windows-1255 cp1255
windows-1256-2000 windows-1256 cp1256
ibm-9449_P100-2002 ibm-9449 windows-1257 cp1257
ibm-5354_P100-1998 ibm-5354 windows-1258 cp1258
ibm-1250_P100-1995 ibm-1250 windows-1250
ibm-1251_P100-1995 ibm-1251 windows-1251
ibm-1252_P100-2000 ibm-1252 windows-1252
ibm-1253_P100-1995 ibm-1253 windows-1253
ibm-1254_P100-1995 ibm-1254 windows-1254
ibm-1255_P100-1995 ibm-1255
ibm-5351_P100-1998 ibm-5351 windows-1255
ibm-1256_P110-1997 ibm-1256
ibm-5352_P100-1998 ibm-5352 windows-1256
ibm-1257_P100-1995 ibm-1257
ibm-5353_P100-1998 ibm-5353 windows-1257
ibm-1258_P100-1997 ibm-1258 windows-1258
macos-0_2-10.2 macintosh mac csMacintosh windows-10000
macos-6-10.2 x-mac-greek windows-10006 macgr
macos-7_3-10.2 x-mac-cyrillic windows-10007 maccy
macos-29-10.2 x-mac-centraleurroman windows-10029 x-mac-ce macce
macos-35-10.2 x-mac-turkish windows-10081 mactr
ibm-1051_P100-1995 ibm-1051 hp-roman8 roman8 r8 csHPRoman8
ibm-1276_P100-1995 ibm-1276 Adobe-Standard-Encoding
ibm-1277_P100-1995 ibm-1277 Adobe-Latin1-Encoding
ibm-1006_P100-1995 ibm-1006 cp1006 1006
ibm-1098_P100-1995 ibm-1098 cp1098 1098
ibm-1124_P100-1996 ibm-1124 cp1124 1124
ibm-1125_P100-1997 ibm-1125 cp1125
ibm-1129_P100-1997 ibm-1129
ibm-1131_P100-1997 ibm-1131 cp1131
ibm-1133_P100-1997 ibm-1133
ibm-1381_P110-1999 ibm-1381 cp1381 1381
ibm-37_P100-1995 ibm-37 IBM037 ibm-037 ebcdic-cp-us ebcdic-cp-ca
  ebcdic-cp-wt ebcdic-cp-nl csIBM037 cp037 037 cpibm37 cp37
ibm-273_P100-1995 ibm-273 IBM273 CP273 csIBM273 ebcdic-de cpibm273
ibm-277_P100-1995 ibm-277 IBM277 cp277 EBCDIC-CP-DK EBCDIC-CP-NO
  csIBM277 ebcdic-dk cpibm277 277
ibm-278_P100-1995 ibm-278 IBM278 cp278 ebcdic-cp-fi ebcdic-cp-se
  csIBM278 ebcdic-sv cpibm278 278
ibm-280_P100-1995 ibm-280 IBM280 CP280 ebcdic-cp-it csIBM280
  cpibm280 280
ibm-284_P100-1995 ibm-284 IBM284 CP284 ebcdic-cp-es csIBM284
  cpibm284 284
ibm-285_P100-1995 ibm-285 IBM285 CP285 ebcdic-cp-gb csIBM285
  ebcdic-gb cpibm285 285
ibm-290_P100-1995 ibm-290 IBM290 cp290 EBCDIC-JP-kana csIBM290
ibm-297_P100-1995 ibm-297 IBM297 cp297 ebcdic-cp-fr csIBM297
  cpibm297 297
ibm-420_X120-1999 ibm-420 IBM420 cp420 ebcdic-cp-ar1 csIBM420 420
ibm-424_P100-1995 ibm-424 IBM424 cp424 ebcdic-cp-he csIBM424 424
ibm-500_P100-1995 ibm-500 IBM500 CP500 ebcdic-cp-be csIBM500
  ebcdic-cp-ch cpibm500 500
ibm-803_P100-1999 ibm-803 cp803
ibm-838_P100-1995 ibm-838 IBM-Thai csIBMThai cp838 838 ibm-9030
ibm-870_P100-1995 ibm-870 IBM870 CP870 ebcdic-cp-roece
  ebcdic-cp-yu csIBM870
ibm-871_P100-1995 ibm-871 IBM871 ebcdic-cp-is csIBM871 CP871
  ebcdic-is cpibm871 871
ibm-875_P100-1995 ibm-875 IBM875 cp875 875
ibm-918_P100-1995 ibm-918 IBM918 CP918 ebcdic-cp-ar2 csIBM918
ibm-930_P120-1999 ibm-930 ibm-5026 cp930 cpibm930 930
ibm-933_P110-1995 ibm-933 cp933 cpibm933 933
ibm-935_P110-1999 ibm-935 cp935 cpibm935 935
ibm-937_P110-1999 ibm-937 cp937 cpibm937 937
ibm-939_P120-1999 ibm-939 ibm-931 ibm-5035 cp939 939
ibm-1025_P100-1995 ibm-1025 cp1025 1025
ibm-1026_P100-1995 ibm-1026 IBM1026 CP1026 csIBM1026 1026
ibm-1047_P100-1995 ibm-1047 IBM1047 cpibm1047
ibm-1097_P100-1995 ibm-1097 cp1097 1097
ibm-1112_P100-1995 ibm-1112 cp1112 1112
ibm-1122_P100-1999 ibm-1122 cp1122 1122
ibm-1123_P100-1995 ibm-1123 cp1123 1123 cpibm1123
ibm-1130_P100-1997 ibm-1130
ibm-1132_P100-1998 ibm-1132
ibm-1140_P100-1997 ibm-1140 IBM01140 CCSID01140 CP01140 cp1140
  cpibm1140 ebcdic-us-37+euro
ibm-1141_P100-1997 ibm-1141 IBM01141 CCSID01141 CP01141 cp1141
  cpibm1141 ebcdic-de-273+euro
ibm-1142_P100-1997 ibm-1142 IBM01142 CCSID01142 CP01142 cp1142
  cpibm1142 ebcdic-dk-277+euro ebcdic-no-277+euro
ibm-1143_P100-1997 ibm-1143 IBM01143 CCSID01143 CP01143 cp1143
  cpibm1143 ebcdic-fi-278+euro ebcdic-se-278+euro
ibm-1144_P100-1997 ibm-1144 IBM01144 CCSID01144 CP01144 cp1144
  cpibm1144 ebcdic-it-280+euro
ibm-1145_P100-1997 ibm-1145 IBM01145 CCSID01145 CP01145 cp1145
  cpibm1145 ebcdic-es-284+euro
ibm-1146_P100-1997 ibm-1146 IBM01146 CCSID01146 CP01146 cp1146
  cpibm1146 ebcdic-gb-285+euro
ibm-1147_P100-1997 ibm-1147 IBM01147 CCSID01147 CP01147 cp1147
  cpibm1147 ebcdic-fr-297+euro
ibm-1148_P100-1997 ibm-1148 IBM01148 CCSID01148 CP01148 cp1148
  cpibm1148 ebcdic-international-500+euro
ibm-1149_P100-1997 ibm-1149 IBM01149 CCSID01149 CP01149 cp1149
  cpibm1149 ebcdic-is-871+euro
ibm-1153_P100-1999 ibm-1153 cpibm1153
ibm-1154_P100-1999 ibm-1154 cpibm1154
ibm-1155_P100-1999 ibm-1155 cpibm1155
ibm-1156_P100-1999 ibm-1156 cpibm1156
ibm-1157_P100-1999 ibm-1157 cpibm1157
ibm-1158_P100-1999 ibm-1158 cpibm1158
ibm-1160_P100-1999 ibm-1160 cpibm1160
ibm-1164_P100-1999 ibm-1164 cpibm1164
ibm-1364_P110-1997 ibm-1364 cp1364
ibm-1371_P100-1999 ibm-1371 cpibm1371
ibm-1388_P103-2001 ibm-1388 ibm-9580
ibm-1390_P110-2003 ibm-1390 cpibm1390
ibm-1399_P110-2003 ibm-1399
ibm-16684_P110-2003 ibm-16684
ibm-4899_P100-1998 ibm-4899 cpibm4899
ibm-4971_P100-1999 ibm-4971 cpibm4971
ibm-12712_P100-1998 ibm-12712 cpibm12712 ebcdic-he
ibm-16804_X110-1999 ibm-16804 cpibm16804 ebcdic-ar
ibm-1137_P100-1999 ibm-1137
ibm-5123_P100-1999 ibm-5123
ibm-8482_P100-1999 ibm-8482
ibm-37_P100-1995,swaplfnl ibm-37-s390 ibm037-s390
ibm-1047_P100-1995,swaplfnl ibm-1047-s390
ibm-1140_P100-1997,swaplfnl ibm-1140-s390
ibm-1142_P100-1997,swaplfnl ibm-1142-s390
ibm-1143_P100-1997,swaplfnl ibm-1143-s390
ibm-1144_P100-1997,swaplfnl ibm-1144-s390
ibm-1145_P100-1997,swaplfnl ibm-1145-s390
ibm-1146_P100-1997,swaplfnl ibm-1146-s390
ibm-1147_P100-1997,swaplfnl ibm-1147-s390
ibm-1148_P100-1997,swaplfnl ibm-1148-s390
ibm-1149_P100-1997,swaplfnl ibm-1149-s390
ibm-1153_P100-1999,swaplfnl ibm-1153-s390
ibm-12712_P100-1998,swaplfnl ibm-12712-s390
ibm-16804_X110-1999,swaplfnl ibm-16804-s390